River And Sky Book One Courage Knight


Published: October 6th 2012



River And Sky Book One  by  Courage Knight

River And Sky Book One by Courage Knight
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Chance had brought them together. Sky needed a place to stay, so he could get his dog out of the boarding kennel and get on with his life. River needed a handyman to help her get her little cabin ready for winter, since suffering a broken arm kept her from doing much of the work herself.

They needed each other, and that need quickly turned to something much stronger. But were either of them ready for commitment?Both still bore the battle scars of a failed marriage, and were a little gun-shy of going through that again. Sky wanted a wife, a home, two or more kids and the family dog.

But River was a lot younger than he was. Would she be ready to be his wife? Or should he encourage her to go back to school, to begin a journey of self-discovery that might ultimately take her away from him?Then tragedy struck… River was destitute.

She lost everything! She needed Sky. If only he would marry her, then everything could be right again. Sky wanted her to want him, not because she needed him to take care of her, but because she loved him. Can two desperate, lonely people forge a meaningful life together? Or would they have been better off if they had never met?Book Length: 16 Chapters / 66,500 words

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